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Bockudden is a scout cottage, located at Hornasjön (a lake) in Landvetter, just outside the city of Gothenburg. The cottage was built in the 30’s but has since then been renovated and modernized. An annex has been added as well. Hvitfeldt scout troop have owned and cared for Bockudden since 1995.

The facilities today are environmentally friendly, suited mainly for small groups (~group of 30) but you can fit larger groups if you utilize all of the space that is available.

Bockudden is ideal for outdoor activities, located beautifully at a cape in Hornasjön. You can park your car a kilometer away from the cottage. You have to walk thru the woods, go by motor boat or canoe the last kilometer to reach Bockudden. The closest grocery store is in Landvetter centrum, 10 minutes from the parking lot by car.

We have a wind shield located with a wonderful view of the lake, you can watch the sun rise and set in the wind shield, by the fire. Really cozy!

We have a motor boat and pier right by the cottage. We also have canoes and lifejackets available. There are a lot of nice places around the lake for outings.

Main building

The main building has two bedrooms with four beds in the small bedroom and eight in the large bedroom. There is also a dining room with an open fire place, sofas and a large table. The kitchen is well stocked with a fridge, freezer, oven, stove and other equipment. The water is pumped by hand from our well.


The annex was built in the beginning of the millennia. Here we have a cozy sleep loft (~10 people can sleep here). There is also a large room that can be used to sleep in. In the annex we have running water – there is a shower, sinks, a sauna and toilets. Storage and firewood is also found here.

Price & Booking

Pricing is decided when booking our cabin, contact us for further information. Scouts and comparable organizations will be able to rent our cabin to a reduced fee.

You can book the Bockudden by contacting Dick Gustavsson either on e-mail: dickgson@gmail.com or phone: 0706-599251